Roan Doyle

Roan Doyle with DCPA

Roan Doyle
Back in 2007, in the days when I had an afro,I stumbled into the last DCPA production 'A Time to Keep' through the stage curtains of the Thomas Hardye School theatre - you might say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Out of nowhere I was welcomed into the fold, and before I knew it, became responsible for the operation of lighting and sound equipment. This saw me working with an extremely laid back and knowledgeable designer called Stefan who set the foundations of my professional production experience.

I also had the opportunity to work closely with director Jon Oram and writers Stephanie Dale and David Edgar. Needless to say, after a few weeks of shows that went largely without hitch, I was hooked and sought to continue working on live productions wherever I could!

In the years that followed I worked on a variety of high profile theatre tours, music tours, festivals and even the odd TV broadcast with a range of top names.

In 2011 my life took an unexpected turn when I joined the emergency services - working with my colleagues to aid members of the public in their time of need. I still delve into the odd festival, tour and TV broadcast when I can and maintain my presence in the professional sound industry, known lovingly as 'The Monitor Guy'!

Here we are almost six years later, and a lot has changed (not least my much shorter hair!) but I look forward to returning to Dorset and being involved in the forthcoming production. I'm sure it will be as successful and exciting as the last!

If you're not already involved in Drummer Hodge, don't make the mistake of missing the opportunity to take part - it will be nothing short of a fantastic experience for all.