We are keen to involve all areas of the community - if you are involved with a group or know anyone who would like to be involved please do contact our Outreach & Development Officer, Helenour Chapman by email   or by calling 07890 692243. We would be delighted to meet you.

As part of our Outreach programme we are running a series of acting workshops to introduce the community play to anyone who would like to get involved for the first time, see details below.  

Sunday 1st September - A beginners acting workshop. The DCPA welcomes anyone new to the community play. A friendly, fun workshop with all participants being beginners. Introduction by Tim Laycock and workshop lead Monika Brodowska.  
Venue: Shire Hall, Dorchester 2-4pm
(On Tuesday, 3rd September, you are invited to hear songs and music from the previous community plays at St George’s Church Hall, Fordington as part of DCPA’s AGM.)

Sunday 6th October  - A beginners acting workshop. Open to any beginners or previous community players who must bring a beginner with them! A fun mix of warm-ups and activities to help you feel more relaxed in whatever role you find yourself in! In a community play where you may only have 1 or 2 lines, you are still involved throughout the play in making it come to life. Workshop lead: Penny Levick
Venue: The Corn Exchange, Dorchester 2-4pm

Sunday 3rd November - Fun for all workshop. This workshop is open to anyone interested in participating in the next community play Spinning the Moon. Activities for all levels. Workshop lead Penny Levick.
Venue: The Town Hall, Dorchester 2-4pm
(You will be invited to come along to casting for the play, some time soon. Be aware that anyone who goes along will get a part!) 

If you have any questions about our workshops, please contact Helenour Chapman via  or by calling 07890 692243.