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Award for Excellence in the Performing Arts

The Association owes a particular debt of gratitude to the Head and Governors of The Thomas Hardye School who on three occasions, and now a fourth, have allowed the school to be used as the venue for the community play. It is not just a matter of using the venue for the two weeks or so of the actual performance. The use starts many weeks before that when the set is built and workshops and rehearsals held. Partly in recognition of this and partly because the Association wants to encourage and help young people to consider careers in the performing arts it was decided to offer the School an annual award of £250 for a student leaving to study some branch of the performing arts. The first award in 2009 went to Alex Foott, followed by Daisy Porter, Rebecca Whaley, Reanna White, Laura Sharp, Ellis Buckley, Emily Wilkinson and Zoe McIntyre. This year the award has been presented to Zoe Cochran.